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Testimonials From Real Clients

“I used Samantha to represent me during an ugly child custody battle. Absolutely hands down one of the best attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of having by my side in the courtroom. She is very detailed, does not back down when it comes to what is fair and right. If you have a legal matter and you think there is no hope, Samantha Malfitano is the attorney you want in your corner. She will give it her all and fight for you all the way. Her legal services are worth every dollar, I highly recommend her.”

– Ronald Jesse 

“Ms. Malfitano, handled my daughter’s Adoption. She was quick to respond to our questions and made the process smooth and easy to understand. Without her help, our family would not have our daughter.  She encouraged us to proceed with the adoption even when we were discouraged. We could not be any happier with Ms. Malfitano’s legal services she provided us and will use her in the future.” – Roy Rodriguez 

“During the most difficult time of my life, I acquired the services of Law Office of Samantha M. Malfitano. A divorce is not something one can just handle on its own and be ok. I didn’t know this then but I know it now…your lawyer has to have the ability to protect your best interests financially, mentally and physically. And in order to do that you need someone with the balance. Malfitano didn’t bash my ex. She didn’t create any false expectations in my head and she didn’t pacify me with lies. Very straightforward person. I recommend her to be your divorce lawyer whether you are on good terms with your spouse or in none speaking terms. Malfitano can get the job done fair and square.” – Bobby Vivas 

“I highly recommend Samantha Malfitano for any kind of child custody case. Samantha is a quick-witted attorney that shines in the courtroom. Samantha walks in a courtroom already with her mind set. I’m disabled according to my doctors and child support was adding up and at one point, I wasn’t allowed to see my children because their father refused me visitation. After explaining to her what my entire situation had been with me and my kids, Samantha helped me and changed my life. Samantha got me immediate visitation with my children. After Samantha helped me, I now have my children in my life full time. She fought for me! She fights for her clients and I am proof of that. Samantha gave me my life back when I got my kids back.” –Kayla Sanders 

“Samantha was an inspiration and a beacon of hope to my family when we needed complex legal representation in my divorce. She protected my family and my assets. Her extensive knowledge of the law and experience in the Courtroom was key to my success. I recommend her and consider her to be one of the most professional people I have ever met.” – Sara Nelson 

“The first person I think of when asked to recommend an Attorney is Samantha Malfitano. I had a highly contested child custody case, she was aggressive and affordable. Hands down she was the best woman for the job.” –Rozalyn & Keith Kizzie