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While divorce marks the end of your marriage, it also can herald a new stage in your life. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer can help you secure favorable terms in your divorce agreement and move on with confidence.

Since 2008, attorney Samantha M. Malfitano has aggressively and skillfully pursued her clients’ objectives in a variety of divorce issues. She has the insight necessary to represent high net worth clients dividing business assets, same-sex couples engaged in custody disputes and other cases that require finesse and a creative approach in The Woodlands and the surrounding area. Whether your divorce is contentious or amicable, Samantha Malfitano’s experience can make a positive difference in the outcome of your family legal matter.

A Committed Ally When The Stakes Are High

When your financial future and your parenting rights hang in the balance, you need an attorney who knows that your concerns are urgent and responds promptly to your messages. Clients of Law Office of Samantha M. Malfitano benefit from Samantha Malfitano’s accessibility, attention to detail and effective legal approaches. She will make your case a priority and will act swiftly to contain problems before they escalate.

For 13 years, Samantha Malfitano has helped high net worth individuals, same-sex couples, service members and others secure fair terms in their divorce agreements. During the course of their family breakup, clients have relied on attorney Malfitano to resolve a range of divorce-related problems, such as:

  • Obtaining fair child custody orders, full child support or alimony terms
  • Dividing high net worth assets and property
  • Dividing assets tied to professional practices and other business entities
  • Dividing retirement assets, stocks, pensions and other types of complex community assets

While Texas’s laws on property division, child custody and financial support orders are clear, judges do have the discretion to adjust the terms of an agreement in one party’s favor. If you need a court to intervene in your divorce matter, it is critical that your case be as strong and compelling as possible. Ms. Malfitano knows how to build persuasive arguments that get results.

The terms of your divorce agreement will have a large impact on your future and the options that you are able to pursue. Partner with a lawyer who understands what is at stake and will not stop until she secures the outcome that you deserve.

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